Frequently Asked Questions.

We know that shopping for insurance is very confusing and you have a lot of questions. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions on each type of insurance to help you can gain the knowledge you need in order to start the process. Feel free to always contact one of our insurance specialists if you don’t see an answer to the question you have.


How much liability coverage do I need?

Each person's coverage is detailed whether it be for liability, or personal injury protection, uninsured/underinsured motorist, obel, comp or collision unfortunately these coverage's are not a one size fits all! Each person's needs of coverage are discussed. You will be counseled to a level so that YOU will be able to participate with knowledge on the limits of coverage YOU desire.

Should I continue to carry full coverage on my car?

Each person's needs are looked at individually.

My child has their permit, do I need to list them on my policy?

Yes, all licensed and or permitted operators need to be listed.

What are my obligations in case I have been involved in an accident?

We ask that all accidents be reported to us. Please ask for a police report if one is done. Get witness names, address, and telephone number.  We ask that you obtain the other operators insurance information including name of insurance carrier, agency name, policy number, and their own name, address, and telephone number. Were there any injuries? Where is your car? Was it drivable? Will you miss any work?

Will my insurance company pay for OEM Original equipment of the manufacturer parts?

Most companies will pay for factory OEM parts provided the vehicle is one year old or newer.

Do I need special coverage if I lease?

Yes. Additional coverage will be necessary when you lease that will cover the difference between the pay off of the vehicle versus the depreciated book value. Also lease agreements usually require you to carry higher liability limits


What is the difference between full replacement cost versus policies that pay with depreciation, aka actual cash value?

Full replacement is less expensive to purchase per thousand. Meaning you can buy more coverage for less money. It simply means that in the event of loss the insurance company can't withhold for depreciation.   Actual cash value policies pay all claims including depreciation in all settlements. Actual cash value, is a highly recommended form of coverage for those properties where the value of the property may be low versus the replacement cost being high. For example a landlord purchases a two family 3,000 square foot home for $100,000. In order to replace the home the insurance company calculates it would take approximately $450,000 to replace or rebuild it, and would mandate that if replacement cost were being applied for, that you would need to purchase insurance for the same amount of $450,000. Otherwise one would like to insure it for $100,000 they would be advised that an actual cash value policy is all that would be available.

What is covered under a typical homeowners policy?

Each policy is written differently. On a form 1, aka a basic form, it only covers basic perils such as fire and lightening, and vandalism. On a form 2, aka a broad form policy, it affords the same coverage's as the basic but only more perils are added. Perils such as wind, hale, weight of ice and snow, breaking pipes etc. On a form 3, aka special form, even more perils are covered making this one of the most desirable forms of insurance to own.

What deductibles are offered?

Most companies offer very similar deductibles such as $500, $1,000 or even $2,500

Does my homeowners policy change if I have a pool or a trampoline?

Yes. Please notify your agent prior to the purchase of either of these, as either could have a major impact on your coverage.

Is my wedding ring covered?

In most cases it is always best to have your jewelry specifically listed on your insurance policy. Most policies have severe limitations on all and any collectibles not limited to jewelry, guns, and fine arts.

Do I need to be involved extensively if I switch to Mancino Insurance?

No. At Mancino Insurance we are a full service insurance agency that handles all aspects for our customers, not limited to applications, cancellations as well as billing.

What happens to my escrow account after I transfer my homeowners insurance?

At Mancino Insurance we handle this transfer for you we notify your bank of the change of insurance and get the bank all the updated information they need.

Do I need to cancel my previous policy after transferring to Mancino?

No we will handle all of this for you we will notify your current carrier of the cancellation we take care of it all at our agency.


How much life insurance do I need?

With over 30 years of life insurance experience and training you would be assigned a counselor who would assist you in assessing the proper amount of insurance for you and your family based on a formula of things that we go over with you at point of interview.

What is the best type of policy for me?

There are different types of policies today and depending on your needs we will interview you and come up with the best policy to fit your family or individual needs.

What is the difference between Whole Life and Term Life?

Term Life insurance does not build any cash value and Whole life insurance does.

What is the process to set up a policy?

We take information from you, send in the application to our companies then we receive a quote. Once approved we receive the policy in our office and meet with you and go over any questions or concerns you may have.

I have just started a small business, what insurance do I need?

We personally come out and take the time to assess each and every small business we work on. We work with our business owners one on one providing small business insurance solutions to help businessowners all over the state get the best coverage available to them. We take care of your liability insurance, workers compensation, disability, business auto and any other coverage's we feel you would need to be accurately covered.


Whether your umbrella policy is going over your home and auto, or your small business, Mancino insurance will help implement all options available to you.


Being a large part of Central New York for over 30 years, we take the time to handle every aspect of the claims process. It starts by making sure you have the right coverage at the time of your loss. It is followed by making sure we provide full service to you in getting your claims handled quickly and easily for you.  We are with you ever step of the way. When you have a claim we will report it for you and also follow up to make sure that things are going well with your experience.